Deborah L. Lukens, LCSW - Counselor, Divorce Coach, Child Specialist, Collaborative Law
Collaborative Divorce Coach
Research on traditional divorce has revealed that as high as 80% of conversations between an attorney and their client are about the client’s emotional state verses legal issues.  Most couples entering divorce have many unresolved issues.  These issues can impede the divorce process and increase stress in an already stressful situation.  Additionally, conflict within the process can increase attorney fees.  When emotions are managed, clients are able to stay focused on their goals allowing for a healthier post divorce agreement.  
As a Divorce Coach, I will keep the collaborative process moving forward toward resolution by:·    
  • Identifying and prioritizing concerns         
  • Helping clients resolve conflict effectively        
  • Developing co-parenting skills        
  • Enhancing Communication        
  • Reducing Misunderstandings        
  • Managing emotions
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