Deborah L. Lukens, LCSW - Counselor, Divorce Coach, Child Specialist, Collaborative Law
Collaborative Child Specialist
When parents end a marriage, it can be especially difficult for the child.  As a Child Specialist, I will provide the child/children an opportunity to share feelings, voice concerns and ask questions about the divorce.  I will advocate on their behalf, what is in their best interest, and ensure that the child's voice is heard.
As a Child Specialist, I will:
  • Remain neutral
  • Listen to each child
  • Sensitize parents to the needs of each child in the context of the divorce
  • Will provide information to the parents to help them develop their parenting plan
As a therapist, I have witnessed a strong correlation between the manner in which a divorce is managed and the effect it has on all family members.  When a couple with children decides to dissolve their marriage, it is important to remember that their relationship as parents continues.  While some children are more resilient, for most an unhealthy divorce can have a lasting negative effect.   As a Child Specialist, we will focus on the best interest of your child.  Remember, as parents you will want to participate in significant events in your child's life. Working together, both parents will be able to share in that joy.
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